Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sefus Urkel Dance

This one's on my top 10. I'm sure half of you don't even know who or what a Sefus Urkel is, but there used to be a TV show in America, and one of the characters was a guy called Steve Urkel. Now he was a nerd, and generally didn't have it well with the ladies. That was until in one episode, Urkel pulled out this massive dance and EVERYONE joined in.

And then dcigs (well known for videos like "Black Man Loves Pokemon") decided to feature his friend, Sefus, in one of his videos. Now Sefus is a dwarf, which adds to the randomness of the video. What's even more random is that he is not wearing a shirt, and appears to be wearing a bow tie (but you can't really see it). So without further ado, here is the video.

Random Scale: 8/10


  1. oh ok, I always heard urkel references but I never knew what he actually did to become famous.
    great post

  2. lol good stuff. I remember that show, I used to love Urkel.

  3. DEAR GOD MY EYES!!!!!!!!

    Is he channeling satan or something???

  4. I remember the dance from Family Matters from forever ago.

    It was a great show!

  5. Nice video man.

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