Monday, 7 March 2011

I think I found the most random...

I am still yet to find out how I found this video, but I guess it just adds to the mystery. Well, I can't really say much about this video, but I will tell you that different people tend to view this video in a different way. For me, I wondered about how someone went about making this, and being rather fond of all things random, I quite enjoyed the intro sequence which made absolutely no sense at all. Good stuff. (What does "agamemnon counterpart" even mean????)

Random scale: 10/10
Creepy scale: 11/10


  1. I wonder what the real program/message was about
    the distortion makes it hard

  2. Am I going to die in seven days now after watching that?

  3. Uh yeah, that's pretty effing wacky

  4. Congrats, very very random. Followed!